Biographie M.A. Williams


Michael Aaron Williams est né en 1988, à Knoxville, Tennessee. Il a largement voyagé à travers les rues de 15 pays différents pour y installer ses dessins et peintures.

En plus de venir du street art, Michael Aaron Williams est aussi reconnu pour ses peintures narratives utilisant du café et de l’encre sur du papier à registre antique.

Beaucoup de ses peintures se concentrent sur le fragile, et l’éphémère beauté humaine. Il a exposé tant aux Etats Unis qu’à l’international, et a reçu un MFA de l’université Saint Louis à Washington, en mai 2015.

« My art is a narrative, visual poetry, making a social statement to move the viewer to action or realization. An important part of my work focuses on the street, the place where people live their daily lives.

This allows me to interact with an audience on their own turf and observe how they react to the art; it is a social experiment. These open‐air installations focus on the ephemeral state of street people and enable the viewer to participate in the outcome of the pieces, whether the viewer leaves or saves them from the street. My goal in depicting street people is to show their beauty and fragility, while bringing their situation into the eyes of the viewer, refusing to let them be forgotten or ignored.

Similar to the outdoor installations, my gallery artwork also focuses on the ephemeral nature of people. Through my paintings and drawings, I attempt to represent the fragile nature of life, purity, and culture. Paint and ink are the vehicles by which movement and conflict are expressed. The beauty and pain of human nature are represented by the creation and deconstruction of the artwork.

Rather than wholeness necessitating beauty, I portray the human soul as complete despite the fractures.

As such, the artwork becomes more relatable to the viewer and consequently more impacting. »